Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working my way through the big list of attacks

Work and travel and family have been brutal.

I'm working (starting at the top) of costing the big-list-of-attacks. While there is some value to mathematical estimations of these things, I'm going to go with the big-list approach as (a) the math isn't exact when it works and is wildly off when it doesn't (b) the math is a lot of decimal devision and rounding which I worked hard to get out of the initial (long-ago) release of JAGS and don't want to hard-code back in for anyone who wants to buy "Sonic Scream" and (c) the big list of attacks will have a lot more flavor and color than a few attacks with a ton of modifiers.



  1. Hey, Marco. Had a couple of questions for you (that have nothing to do with the Big List of Attacks, though I'm interested in where you go there) and thought they might be of interest to fellow JAGS fans.

    1. You've pretty clearly set down where you sit in the divide about social influence abilities and PCs in the rules, but I wondered what you felt about applying NPC rolls as "advisories" to PCs. This has the benefit that it informs the players that the NPC may be coming off more charming or intimidating than is perhaps coming across if the GM isn't the best actor in the world, while still not compelling any behavior out of the PC.

    2. I'm wondering if use in play has suggested that Intellect and its sub-attributes are less attractive to buy up than they could be? The reason I wonder about this is that with most of the attributes, there's a certain mix of benefits for buying them: direct benefits in the form of figured traits that are mechanically beneficial, cost savings on linked skills, and default values for skills you don't have. It looks like the Intellect set is primarily good for the linked skills, but few characters are going to have quite enough such skills to make them cost-effective on that alone, and outside of perhaps Will, they seem somewhat lacking on direct benefits.

    Any of your thoughts would be interesting here.

  2. These are good questions. I'll answer them in specific posts.