Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Continuing Re-alginment

In the I-should-have-done-this-a-long-time-ago department I have re-constructed our spreadsheets so that they auto-magically create the character herds through basic multiplication by the AP costs. I can now generate a 128 AP herd ... or a 1024 AP herd. Whatever I want.

I did this when I realized that moving to 4 DP per AP (instead of 2.5) basically worked but shifted all of our basic attack numbers around by a little bit. I wanted a faster way to spot-check the GATs and Big List of Attacks. Fortunately this seems to be working.

A few notes about Shield Skill. If we keep it it'll probably be something like:

  1. You get a single 1 REA Block at L3
  2. You get two 1 REA Blocks at L4
  3. You get a "pretty good Block" you will probably NOT get a better block than dumping 2x the points you spent on Melee Weapons into that skill alone. NOTE: the new Combat Skill costs will help with this.
  4. You'll possibly get a Shield Bash attack that you can also use if you have Melee Weapons and a shield but no skill.
Basically Shield Skill will be a way to buy some 1 REA Blocks ... Does that justify it? I don't know.

I'm re-working the Cleave GAT right now. I'm a bit chagrined to discover that my original thinking was right: if you have a Standard Attack and want a 1x per Round Attack at the same level? You do pay 1/3 the number of points in your most expensive attack. Not 1/4th. The numbers come out prettier.

If I had 32 AP to spend on attacks and want to divide them up, I get a 24 AP Standard attack and for 8 AP I get a second 24 AP Periodic Attack.


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  1. That seems reasonable, though some other possibilities include providing a bit of extra armor for attempted blocks (just because the shield is a usually pretty substantial bit of metal just hanging there) and possibly some bonuses to things like weapon binds (I don't actually remember if JAGS has a weapon bind maneuver...)