Monday, September 19, 2011

Revised Revision

I got back an edited copy of the opening chapter. We're still revising it ... and trying to trim it. I've also been working on tweaking the Combat GAT's some more and trying to figure out what, precisely, I want to do with some of the specific elements.

Most of what I'm looking at right now can't be handled by the Simulator all that well: it doesn't do powers that "unlock" (such as extra skill levels that kick in later in combat or extra damage that applies after you've suffered a wound effect).

On the other hand I want to keep track of how I'm measuring these modifiers so I can have a consistent front.

In The Game
We're still playing our JAGS Have-Not  Skype game and we ran into a "demon thing" that was able to force us all to make WIL rolls. If we failed the roll it got +10 SPs for that Round. If we made it, it lost 1 SP per point we made it by. Thus, it was running around with 30-something SPs. It could, the GM declared, "buy a 1 REA Block" for 3 SPs.

None of this is "in the normal rules."

Powers that rely on environmental effects are interesting and something I've never seen done well. Things like Dazzler's ability to generate light / lasers based on "how noisy it is" or, for example, someone who gets stronger the more people who are rooting for him--are possible to quantify--but hard to measure in terms of value.

To be sure it's possible given any specific situation to work up some rules--but as a category? How do you determine the "average number of opponents" and what do you make of their "average WIL"?

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