Friday, November 25, 2011

Okay, screw it ...

As the game designer I can do what I want, right? If I want Chi Focus to be one way or the other, who's the simulator to tell me otherwise.

I'm Making A Command Decision
I am pretty sure that the weirdness we're seeing with Chi Focus has to do with the fact that the bolt doesn't draw a block from the 2:1 fights. Thus they use their REA for an extra attack, making an armor ignoring blast less effective in the long run. My attempts to prove this haven't worked too well but I'm still pretty sure.

But it doesn't matter: Chi Focus breaks a lot of rules anyway and I want to make headway. So here's what we've got thus far.

Chi Focus
Chi Focus is bought as an attack that:

  • Gives a 1x ROF Charge-Up (ever round, every other, or every three) armor ignoring long action 5 REA Blast.
  • Gives a 1x ROF, Charge Up (As above) Chi Power Punch which adds to a regular punch's damage.
  • Gives extra damage every round but not "that much"--it doesn't really compete with flat-out damage but it doesn't make you a sucker to buy it either.
  • It allows you to spend Character Points for some "special Chi Moves" such as making your blast burn or shock or knock people back (these special powers line up, kinda-sorta, with "elements").
  • It requires a Chi Focus skill which is probably expensive--but might not be.

And Then Here's the Kicker
It doesn't add to A-Cost. So you will almost always buy it as a separate power in addition to whatever normal attack you have. It breaks the rules--but it should work and be a somewhat "superior" combat form (albeit not /that/ superior and it will cost CPs).

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