Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chi Moves -- First Draft

Here's a list of Chi Moves in first-draft form. Let's review how this works:

1. You buy your HTH damage with GATS or some kind of Super Strength or whatever.
2. You buy Chi Focus which costs exactly 1/3rd (round normally) of your A-Cost (so if you have 6 AP spent on HTH Damage you pay 2 AP for Chi Focus).
3. You buy the Chi Focus Skill which costs 4-8 CP (I have not decided yet)

You Then Buy Chi Moves
4. These are bought using Character Points.
5. You can get 4 CP just to buy moves for 1 AP

NOTE You may also buy standard AP-based abilities like Vital Strike, Focus Punch, Hard To Block, Damage Point Pools, and so on.

Some Thoughts
Right now these cost (CP cost) are roughly eye-balled. I have some thoughts behind how it works but they're not concrete yet. There are a few basic kinds of "strategies" to building these guys that I need to figure out.

The ability to have all kinds of abilities that are normally reserved for AP bought with CP is breaking the rules. So is having Chi Focus add to HTH damage without having it add to A-Cost. Quite a few things in here run backwards. What does all this mean?

Chi Fighters Might Often Be More CP Than 'Regular Characters'
Most JAGS Revised characters will be around 50 CP to start. Chi Fighters might be 75 or even 100 CP. This makes sense as they are expected to be "extensively trained" (you'd do the same for a Navy SEALs game). The second thing it means is that they will have a lot of powers--but the intent is that these powers somewhat "crowd out others."

What do I mean by this? Well, you should only be able to use one Chi Attack at a time. Thus, having a lot to choose from isn't worth that much. As for the Defenses? Most of them will cost REA or some other currency. You generally won't get DP or Armor without paying REA for it, and so on.

A Note On JAGS Standard Magic
This is all similar to the way that JAGS Standard Magic works. We wrote the first draft of Magic to be similar to a computer game in feel (and not all that dissimilar to AD&D in its way). It uses spell points to power spells and you get a small number of them.

In the Revised Version this is still going to be similar. You are going to pay CP in order to get spells and AP for the ability to cast magic at all. The amount of AP you spend on casting magic will determine the power of the individual spells in a similar fashion to the way that your A-Cost determines the damage done by these Chi Moves.

Also Note: I haven't covered edge conditions such as what happens if a character has an A-Cost of 0. There are probably some minimum rules floating around about how these characters need to be constructed that we'll lay out in more detail given time.

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