Monday, January 23, 2012

Body Types

Here are some notes on "Body Types." This is still under heavy consideration.

Robot Body
Tends to keep going after taking component damage

  • No biological weaknesses
  • Few Vital Organs: PEN Doubling on 6+
  • Must go to Injured before taking "Minor Wounds": No HURT, No MW until Injured
  • CON +1
  • Can be re-built if robo-brain is intact (limited true-death)
  • Component Damage: Damage results MAY be "capped" (Round 2, Fight-style) with limited results (the robot is cut in half and upper-body still functions fine)

Animated Material (Rock Body / Iron Golem)
Very hard to stop. Crumbles and cracks instead of bleeding

  • No biological weaknesses
  • Small-ish wounds have NO effect (chip-away/cracks): NO HURT, NO INJURED
  • Feels No Pain: +2 CON
  • Hard To Stop: No Stunned until Injured
  • No Vital Systems: NO PEN Doubling, No PEN
  • Limb-Loss Option: Can Round-2 Fight with limb-loss effect

Crystalline Body
Hard but fragile.

  • No biological weaknesses
  • Turn 1/2 DP into Armor (4 DP : 1 Armor)
  • 1.5x PEN Defense
  • No Minor Wound
  • No Hurt Condition
  • PEN doubles on 2+
  • Major Wound is 2/3rd DP (fracture)
  • At Injured Condition, Minor Wound *does* become Major Wound and is 1/3rd DP as normal

Energy Body
Protected by an energy field instead of skin

  • No biological weaknesses
  • Slow flight
  • No PEN Doubling / PEN Damage (all damage is impact)
  • Automatic Force Field 
  • Automatic Recovery when paying REA for a Wound Effect
  • "Dispersed" (STUNNED) when Force Field is down. Recovers for the 5 REA
  • Normal Stunned effect is 3 REA.
  • Wound Effects allow some movement as the character re-forms close-by.
  • Hard to hurt (negative damage mods) when Dispersed.
  • Hard to mix armor with (armor is still "inside" the Force Field

Liquid Body
Easy to "splash" but hard to hurt really badly. Especially resistant to physical damge

  • No biological weaknesses
  • Impossible to hold/grapple (very high Def-Grapple and Auto Escape) (other L-bodies can grapple)
  • 'Flow' movement form
  • Does not automatically stretch unless stretching is bought
  • Puddle defense move (10 REA for large negative damage modifiers)
  • Characters get 2x BLD in ADP against Physical Attacks
  • Hard to mix armor with: Armor does not apply to SPLASH threshold
  • No PEN Doubling / PEN Damage
  • SPLASH THRESHOLD: 1/3rd DP. Any attack that does more than that gets auto-Stun (NO Effect is Stunned)
  • SPLASH THRESHOLD: You can still get a Daze or "Unconscious" (splattered) which is 10 REA instead of 8.
  • You CANNOT get anything more than that.
  • Each SPLASH done in the same Round gives a cumulative -1 CON Roll towards Splattered
  • NO Hurt Condition
  • NO Injured Condition
  • At Serious Condition, any wound is a Major Wound and can take the character out
  • ?Check how Force Field works with this (is it "too good")?

Gas Body
Very hard to damage, has trouble dealing damage.

  • Gas movement (float, go through vents, etc.)
  • Immune to most physical damage
  • -8 DM from Energy Damage
  • No Armor effects in gas-form (armor only applies in the physical form)
  • ?Maybe Armor counts as ADP in gas form?
  • No PEN Damage / PEN Doubling (from energy)
  • Large Weapon bonuses DISPERSE. A hit is checked for damage. If damage is => Minor Wound,Disperses the gas body (Daze)
  • Can be grappled by vacuum cleaners and collected in force fields and so on
  • Character takes a -8 DM to any attack launched while in Gas Body against the physical world. This may/may not apply to Psi attacks (i.e. it doesn't if the GM rules there are enough Psi attacks to make the gas body vulnerable to those)

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