Friday, February 17, 2012

Hiatus -- and A Quick Attempt To Answer Some Questions!

So our family had our second son (Leo Chacon, welcome to the world!). Which has made blogging and JAGS a little delayed of late--and the hiatus might last a few weeks. However:

Right Now: I'm doing energy attacks in Innate Powers. So that's something.

To Answer Some Questions:

REACH and Movement
In JAGS you can't just "run in" on someone with a weapon. They get a 'zone of control' at their Reach and moving within it takes 5 REA Step moves. I think one of the things that was either incorrect or just not clear in the book is that if the target does not have a weapon you can move up to the reach of their arms right away.

That is, if someone is unarmed (Short Reach) you can move right up to short reach with a Step action. You don't have to stop at Long or Medium Reach. If that's not clear in the book (probably not)--it needs to be cleared up.

If someone did take a Step Action (3 or 4 yards) to "move in to Short or Close reach range" of someone with a sword, presumably the person moving in would get hit with the sword. The rules don't spell this out--but you could play it that way (maybe an advanced/optional rule).

Resisted Attacks Revised
The new rules for Resisted attacks are as follows:

  1. The attack has an Intensity (which is a scalar number like number of DP is) and a POWER which is usually 12- for everything.
  2. You compare the attack's Intensity to the target's DP+ADP (DP is their listed "undamaged" DP but ADP is whatever they have left). This gives a roll using the Resisted Attack Rules. NOTE: We are considering that it might be CON+DP+ADP for the target which would have some advantages (notably giving everyone a 20 to start with).
  3. You then modify the roll based on the target's CON (or WIL for psionic Resisted Attacks) vs. POWER. So if I have a 13 CON I get +1 to my Resistance roll.
  4. You then make the roll and apply the result to the effects table like it says in the book.
Example: Elephant Tranquilizer vs. Elephant and normal person.

An elephant tranquilzier has a Catastrophic Effect of death. It has an Intensity of 500. An elephant has a DP of 500. Both the Elephant and the tranq have a POWER and CON of 12. The tranq dart has a 10- against the elephant.  Odds are of a Minor or Standard Effect (in this case: the target gets sleepy and drops after a few Rounds).

Against a person who is, unfortunately hit with the same dose: the roll is something like 400- for the tranq. Any roll results in death for the normal human as they don't have nearly the DP of the elephant.

Usually attacks will have an Intensity of between 15 and 25. A store-bought Taser might have like a 19 Intensity. 

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  1. Congratulations on the new arrival!

    And thanks for the responses. The reach/Step thing was sort of as I expected, but it was good to have it spelled out. And as I thought, I had resisted attacks wrong; I had assumed that you used the Strength versus DP like the Penetration defense table, and then applied that modifier directly to a Con or Will roll, and couldn't figure out WHAT power was for. That straightened it out; the strength versus DP produces the roll, and Power versus CON/WIL supplies an additional modifier.