Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keeping On Trucking

There happens to be a lot of things I want to write about--and I haven't been able to (lots of stuff at work and home, etc.). However, I have time for a quick note here ...

State of Play
I have done another pass over Domain Control and tightened things up a good deal. I'm becoming more and more happy with with--still not 100% yet (needs more undead attacks ... and, do I put in Plant Control?)--but as I said last time--it's getting there.

I have done a second pass on Innate Powers--having left it fallow enough to see the problems. There are still some gaps. We need to test the various bizarre body-types (crystal body, etc.) and put some deeper thought in. Still--it's almost there too.

We have settled on "Utility Powers" as a term for "non-combat powers" (like senses, movement forms, and stuff like "weather control"). There will be optional rules for a set of APs for those as well as combat powers. This will remove the unpleasant choice of having to sink your combat parity to have more colorful characters. This still needs more thought--but I like how we've done it (for the most part).

This will, however, have some ramifications for character design--so it's only 80% baked.

We need to look at auto-fire, double-tapping, and 3-round burst more--and what the place of those are in the game (do they exist to simulate some real abilities? to reward high skill characters? to reward automatic weapons? to add color to some kinds of combats?). This is a topic of some debate.

More later ...

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