Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's Going On Now?

Right now I have (a) an editor working on Fast Company (b) an InDesign person (who is excellent) working on doing the layout for the first 131 pages and (c) I just completed an artwork buy from Jason Moser who is freakin' AWESOME. I'll post some of the pieces here when I get the chance.

So things are progressing.

What's Coming Up?
In a couple of weeks I should have the first 13pgs illustrated complete. That'll be:
1. The opening chapter
2. Generic Archetype Abilities
3. Innate Powers
4. Cybernetics

Following that will be
5. Fast Company (mostly illustrated)
6. Psionics (lightly illustrated)
7. Domain Control (lightly illustrated)
8. Gear and Power Modification (lightly illustrated)
9. Closing Chapter (not illustrated)

At that point we'll have either one or two books (depending on final page count and such) and will "go to press" (Print On Demand).

What Then?
Then we have some decisions to make. On the table are:
1. Update the website. This dearly needs to happen but ... bleah.
2. Revise JAGS Wonderland. It's our most popular setting. The powers could stand updating and it needs to be edited (we did our best--honest).
3. Update JAGS Have-Not: our gonzo post-apocalypse setting. This would be easier and more fun. We'd integrate the level rules, re-do the (large) weapons, monsters, and treasure lists. Do a couple of sections of world-expansion, and so on. A LOT of the book was taken up with mutant rules and so on--as those are now in Revised it's a lot more setting stuff.
4. Update C-13: The Thirteen Colonies. It gets no love but it's our Steampunk / magic historical setting. We're fairly proud of it--but no one uses it much.

1. The Wonderland Home Companion. New rules, Twists, Monsters, and campaign ideas. More material to "jumpstart" or populate a JAGS Wonderland game. A lot of people want this and we could certainly write it.

2. JAGS 'Heroes and Hooligans'--We'd call it JAGS Villains and Vigilantes but, you know, copyright. This is a Supers system where you choose from one of many tables and roll dice (d100's!!) to determine what categories of powers you have as an option. THEN you spend APs to buy powers from one or more of those sets ...

So you get 4 rolls: you can roll on tables like Magical Devices, Super Powers, Mutant Abilities, Psionic Powers, Exotic Powers, and so on. 

After you roll you have a a choice: you can either ditch that roll for 1 level of Fast Company (if you ditch all those rolls you are FC L4) or you can spend your APs to buy powers from that section. It combines random-roll and point-buy in a way we think will be cool. 

It would also come with a bunch of characters which would sort of 'illustrate' the world.

3. JAGS Micro-Kiaju: An anime setting where you play Micro-Kiaju trainers--these are sort of pokemon monsters (there are also macro-kiaju in the world--and characters who turn into giant monsters). We have a taxonomy of micro kiaju and rules for battling them and they're cool!

4. Something else?

The truth is that we'll work on whatever we get the most momentum for (internally) and I'm not sure what that'll be right now. But these are things we have "at top of mind."

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