Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where Are We Now?

I have a draft of the "first chapter." It is 24 pages long and covers--at a high level--almost all if not all of the major concepts that we need people to understand (the last few posts have been pieces of that, when I have edited it I will put the whole thing up).

What Next?
What next is a couple of things. At this point there are several major things to do conceptually before the book can be "completed."

  1. Install InDesign. I moved computers and I have to re-install it. That sounds trivial I'm sure but I have to hope that my decommissioning it on my old PC has wiped the serial number clean so I can reinstall on my new PC.
  2. Analyze Bio-Power Design. The "bio-power" list is sort of the super-powered core-of-the-game above the Generic Archetype Traits (which really are "the core of the game."). Bio-Powers include all the super powers, a few 'magical powers' (there is a magic section but some of the abilities will still go in Bio-Powers). It has all the different Armor and Attack categories. Most of these have been tested and costed but I need to refresh them again. This is time consuming and will involve a bit more testing even so.
  3. Formalize the Cyborg and Psionic Ability lists. These are relatively mature with the exception of ESP which still needs a lot of work.
  4. Figure out what we are doing with Chi powers. Chi Martial Arts abilities heavily leverage the Generic Archetype Traits list now and that's a good thing: we can focus on actual mystical abilities. Unfortunately there are still some questions as to how best to do that.
  5. Finish up the Magic Powers List.
  6. Write the back-of-the-book sections that detail Scale Numbers, Modifying Archetype Traits, Game Designer Notes that are complex (how we structured TAP costs), and how to run leveling up MMO-Style "adventure games." None of this is going to be front-loaded (25 pages of over-view is still probably a bit too much) but these sections are relatively light weight compared to what they could be.


  1. Not sure where else to post this, but why do all the links at the top of just link to the main page? There's no way to find JAGS Fast Company or any other JAGS product that isn't linked on the very first page. Web tools? Reading JAGS Revised it says go to to get character generation apps? No link on the front page, and the "web tools" link at the top links to index.htm

  2. Okay: here's a link ...

    This is the most-recent version of JAGS Revised Archetypes. It is /very old/ much of what is in this document is no longer relevant--however: if you are looking for Fast Company, mutant powers, cybernetics, ect. It's all in there. You can use it. Kind of (we learned a lot).

    It is the most current version I have available on the web.


  3. I was looking for Fast Company because the rules for Have-Not pretty much insure you have to have the Fast Company rules at hand. I had already found that pdf, thanks, google is great for finding pdf's, even ones that aren't linked for download. The question is if the links on the website are going to be fixed? And are there any "web tools" as mentioned in the JAGS Revised intro available?

  4. The web site will be fixed when:
    1. I have time to fix it. This is proving more difficult than I anticipated. Partially because I want some good graphics for it and I'm having a hard time finding people to do them.

    I hope to have time to work on it after the summer. We'll see.

    2. There are some web-tools. Currently, the dice roller that runs out of my office on a Linux box isn't working for some reason and I have to trouble shoot it.

    So we're down there too. Again, I need time to work on it and energy and currently I've got neither (working on Archetypes is taking all of my JAGS cycles).

    The 1.7 Archtypes document will get you the Fast-Co rules well enough. Level 1 is 16 AP, Level 2 is 32 AP. This is pretty much the same for the "current" (i.e. on my spread-sheet) document.