Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What I am working on right now
So I installed InDesign on the new system (it loads much faster off my SSD hard drive now) and I went back to the Powers list (previously: Mutant Powers, Innate Powers, Bio-Powers, and now just leaning towards 'Powers') and had a look.

There were a bunch of different armor types that I had (tested only somewhat in the previous incarnation). I decided to do a quick re-test of them. Why? What's going on with that?

The basic list of defenses looks something like the above: there are several "atomic" defenses that you can combine in fairly standard ways (buy some Armor for 1 AP per point of Damage Resistance and then combine with ADP).

We sell these defenses to a certain degree a la carte in the GAT section (you can just go and "buy" the component elements ... to an extent). So what I want to vend in the Powers section is a little more complex. Like what?

As you can see, these are a little more complicated. For one thing, they combine things like extra PEN Defense (but no "under-coat armor) and there are some weird coverage (Carapace has coverage 5). But mostly when you get into negatives to Init and AGI Bonus ... not to mention extra damage due to weight, you start getting into hard-to-calculate territory.

Basically the moral of the story here is that if I am going to "vend" armor that isn't just straightforward combinations of the basic elements then I need to test it.


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