Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Color is Neutronium?

Here is the current list of "unusual armors"

There's some stuff in there that's not too exciting (Bullet Proof Skin: less armor, more PEN Resistance) and there's a few things that are "interesting" but not far off the mean (Steel Skin). There are some powers that have niche appeal (Power up FF and Power Up Armor that both cost you REA to run each Round).

And then we get to stuff like Atomic Fur, Razor Plates, and Neutronium Shell.

I think Neutronium Shell is a glowing black-green carapace that crackles with ultraviolet light. When hit and the damage penetrates the Force Field it strobes radiation in the direction of the attack! That's pretty unusual. Atomic Fur is some kind of mutant-wasteland neon-colored fur that can emit weird colored electricity when struck (it's a resisted attack). Razor Plates are dark metalic armor plates that have ultra-sharp edges that can slice up a hand-to-hand attacker.

These are all weird. I'd like more of them: not an infinite number, just a few more strange cool armor types that aren't easily assembled with the "Basic stuff."

Why? Well, (a) that's just how I roll, I guess, but (b) although these rules will be used for everythign from alien races to super heroes and the like I love the idea of a "roll on the mutant power table for some abilites." I think rolling Razor Plates or Atomic Fur would be a damn cool thing to get for your character.

What do I know :)


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