Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hmm ...

While the formula does seem to work /reasonably/ well, it seems that mixing and matching items from it does not. While I need to validate this, it looks like:

  • +1 AGI and Full Block both work full vs. Range is worth 8 AP at the 64 AP level
  • FAST Defenses (-8 v. PEN, -4 v. IMP) is worth 16 AP.
  • Together these are worth 20 AP, not 24 which the math would imply. 
This trend continues for several other elements.

The most probable outcome of this testing is that we'll just sell "packages" of these things properly costed and, if we must, sell the individual elements with a warning. That's if I can't figure out what's going on (clearly the value of +1 AGI which fully applies is "pretty good" by itself--but less good when it's combined with big negative damage mods. In other words, it brings "a lot to the table" but a good portion of that is "already brought" by the -DM's).


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