Saturday, December 18, 2010

TAP Costs

There's a lot of complexity here that I don't have time to explain--but here's the short form: some things rightly cost a "percentage" of your Total AP ('TAP'). Usually these are things like defenses (extra AGI, negative Damage Modifiers, etc.).

I think even more rightly the /multiply/ your points in Defense--but that's going far, even for us. Here is a table of what I estimate some of these would cost.

The columns with AP values are what the ability costs if your character is /that/ total AP.

NOTE: FAST is -4 vs IMP, -8 vs PEN
NOTE: The Average number is the multiple of your Total AP that it costs. The numbers for -4 DM and -8 DM are wrong (cut-and-paste error). I'll see if I can get the right ones ...


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