Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reversal of Fortune

One of the things I've noticed when looking at today's run (Super Strength and, running now, Hyper Strength) is that as hoped for the FULL ARMOR guys are not doing so well when facing characters who are constructed with the new builds.

It's hard to say what's different--and I plan to look into that (maybe later tonight if I can get a break) but here's what I think:

These builds, although technically 50/50 are actually less well armored than the other FULL ARMOR builds we employed. We can see that Armor is still a pretty good way to go (at this level FULL DP actually does the best--but all the defense score similar POV's).

This indicates that while spending half your points on Armor is still possibly the best way to go for these spreads of characters, spending it other ways is just about as good. I'm happy with that (although I'd be happier still if the 1/2 AP spent on Armor wasn't so much better than 1/2 AP spent on everything else).

NOTE: Hyper Strength is a form of Super Strength where using your full STR is pretty much the last attack you can make for the Round with it (you can use half of it without incurring higher REA costs).


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