Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I tested some more of the toxins--we're gearing up for SP tests and some other things but I wanted to close that stuff out. I have a major rebuild of the software to install which is always interesting.

As I noted, for non-armor-piercing weapons it seems that making them toxic doesn't help all that much. I tried one of our stronger toxins on claws (making them Poisoned Claws) and it didn't do much more than the weaker toxin: for the most part, the average 3 rounds of combat doesn't give enough time for them to really kick in.

With Toxin3 which does 25 Instant damage and 16 Recurring damage at -1 CON to stop recurring (STANDARD EFFECT) the win % was around 54.46% at the 32 AP Herd for 17 PEN Poisoned Claws (Intensity for the toxin was 40, POWER was 12).

When I stripped off the toxin the win % was 50.03%.

Not a big difference for a potent toxin.


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