Friday, August 20, 2010

Zeroing In On Grapple Rules

Here are some preliminary Grapple/Tangle Rules.

Order Of Effect for Tangle

  1. Roll To Hit. What you hit by determines how good the Hold is.
  2. Apply The Hold. The Hold works as follows:
    1. Hit by 0 to 3: Grab. The character loses AGI bonus and can't move or dodge until they break the hold.
    2. Hit by 4 to 6: Hold. The character gets -6 DM for all attacks and -2 Initiative. They lose their AGI bonus, dodge and move until they escape. This includes attacks on the Tangle itself.
    3. Hit by 7 to 9: Hold. The character gets -8 DM for all attacks and -2 Initiative and everything else as above.
    4. Hit by 10+: Hold. The character gets -10 DM for all attacks and -2 Init, etc.
  3. Target Can Try An Immediate Escape. For 5 REA the target can get an instant Break Grapple against the attack's Grapple Score. The character can also to use an attack to blast the Grapple going against its Armor. The character can also try an Escape Roll (Rules TBD).
    1. The HOLD modifier applies to the character's attacks against the Tangle
Rules for Martial Arts Hold
This is similar except it goes like this:
  1. Roll To Hit. You can skip this if you have a Grab or Grapple. The character must already be taken down and you must not be suffering a -2 Initiative for having been Mounted, Held, or Taken Down.
  2. Grapple Roll: Offensive vs. Defensive Grapple. What you make it by determines the power of the Hold.
    1. 0 to 3: No effect. The Hold is not sunk.
    2. 4 to 6: The Hold gives a -6 DM, -2 Init, and other Grapple Modifiers. Furthermore the Holding character gets +4 to Blocks against the held character's attacks.
    3. 7 to 9: As above by -8 DM.
    4. 10+: As above but -10 DM.
  3. Held Characters Have a Hard Time Attacking Other Characters: If you are Held and target someone not Holding you, each -1 DM gives you a -1 to hit instead.
  4. You Must Pay 5 REA Each Round To Maintain The Hold. If this is not paid during Init, it reverts to a Grapple.
  5. Attacking Someone You Are Holding Is Hard. Absent extra limbs or bio weapons or something if you attack someone you are holding you suffer a -4 Damage Modifier [and maybe other modifiers TBD].
  6. A Break Grapple Attempt Is Harder: If the Holding Character pays an additional 5 REA to "sink" the Hold [TBD: It will be harder to escape]. This is done to prevent a Hold-Break-out-Hold-Break-out dynamic.


  1. One of the things I realized is that even more than most things in JAGS, its extremely beneficial to initiate a grapple AFTER the opponents actions, as he'll probably not have the REA to take advantage of the Long action.

  2. That is true--but note: it's only /totally/ true if the attacker isn't forcing you to spend REA by their attacks. If you, for example, block twice (3+3 REA) then you may well not have the REA (8) necessary to initiate a grapple and may have to settle for a 5 REA Grab which, as noted, is much riskier (if the knife guy goes first next Round you don't have any AGI bonus).