Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bouncing around

Not only have I been very busy the past few days but we've done (a few) interesting things.

Why Does The Testing Seem So Disjointed
Right now in terms of the Innate Powers book, I have completed Size, Body Types, Armor abilities, most of the Force Abilities, and am working on Attack Powers. That starts with the Damage Field stuff. So you'd expect me to finish that and then do something else.

That (presently) isn't what's happening. I've done Spines and Burning Body and am trying to see if I can come up with a way to encompass a bunch of other things without testing them. Why? Because the standard procedure for testing takes a lot of time (more on that in a second) and we need to try to simply "know" that "electrical powers" are +1 AP per 3 damage (or whatever) so I can calculate Electrified Body simply by testing Electrical Attack a few times and then calculating everything from there.

So far our understanding on how to do that lags a bit. So I'm kicking it around.

However: we have some other fronts going, right? The actual game(s).

What Games Are We Playing?
In theory there are three JAGS Test Games. My own face-to-face game (which has not been run in 11 months since the birth of my son), a main on-line skype game (we just finished a spectacular cyborgs test ) and a back-up online game (for when all the regulars can't make it).

Right now:

  • My F2F game: not happening. Got a kid.
  • Main Skype Game: We are just starting a level-based MMO-style Have-Not game which I want to talk about some when I can (I'm about to get on a plane).
  • Backup Skype Game: Psychic investigators/Call of Zalgo. That's the one that led to a revamp of the ESP system that is still on-going.
The Have-Not Game
JAGS Have-Not is our 2003 (? I forget, maybe 2002) supplement for post-apocalypse. It has mutants, wild weapons, armed vehicles, and all kinds of surreal things. 

I'll talk more about this later.


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