Friday, September 3, 2010

A quick note

I will be able to follow this up next week but I wanted to note something. I've completed the testing for "body types" (Dense, Super Strength, Hyper-Strength). The issue came when, on examination, the abilities gave almost as much damage (in one case /more/) than just straight "strength" and also gave Damage Points.

In other words, about 4 DP (theoretically worth almost 2 AP) were 'free.' I had to figure out "why that was" and "what to do about it."

The answer turned out to be an interrelation of attack and defense scaling that was making these characters against the Normalized Herds come out slightly more inefficiently than their natures would suggest. So I did some testing of characters with Body Types against PC Test characters (50% defense, 50% weapon--in this case, just 'strength') and then worked the numbers until the Body Builds were about equal.

What I have now looks like it makes sense and is certainly on-par with at least a group of legitimate PC builds. I'll have to think about it over the weekend to determine if I think this has solved the problem. The next post on this should show the formulas and the break downs in detail.


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