Friday, September 24, 2010

Levels in JAGS

Here's some tables that were done for fantasy (so you'll see Fighter, Dragon, etc.) but are being used for Have-Not:
What you see here is a list of AP levels for Offense, Defense broken out by "Discretionary" (points spent on abilities from the book) and Expect to Wield/Wear. Focus on the Fighter one: it's what we're using for the adventure (mostly: hand to hand combat experts get the Dragon/Monk and there is no equivalent for the Magic User).

If you read across it's pretty straight forward: a 0th level fighter gets NO APs for discretionary but is expected to have a 4 AP weapon (Sword? Glock 9mm?) and 4 AP's worth of armor (chainmail? armored suit?). At 1st level these weapons and armor are expected to go up by 2AP each and you get 4 AP on a Generic Archetype Trait.

If you are a Dragon or a Monk, however, you get most of your points in terms of Discretionary AP (called claws and scaly armor--but could also be any 8 AP worth of GAT's--probably things related to HTH combat in terms of a literal "monk").

The important thing to note here is that the EXPECTED Wield/Wear are can go up or down. If you find a Death Sword you can (maybe) still use it--you're just way over your 'expected' wield. For a 'balanced game' we expect treasure at "level appropriate challenges" will yield results similar to what is "expected" at that level. That's the plan.

What does this treasure look like? Here's a sample:

These show various guns (I say "LOCK" instead of GLOCK because it's the future eh? We need to work on the names of these things. The thing to look at here is the TESTED % victory. This shows what the weapon simulated at when we tested it. The AP cost is a measure of the level-rating. The T/F is whether or not it's the weapon itself (F) or adds onto a weapon (T) (so weapons are F and ammo is T).

Here's a link to the "Have-Not" dungeon information. Check it out--it has some cool pictures.

GC Complex Overview.PDF

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