Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rationalizing Body Types ..

So in the last post I've summarized that (a) my initial testing/thinking produced numbers that balanced against the herd but did NOT make sense when taken in context and then (b) I found a way to 'rationalize' the tests I'd done to have them "make sense."

What was that method?

The Method
What I did was I took the Body-Types builds (Super Strength, Dense, and Hyper Strength) and ran them against the Standard JPS tests (50% Just Plain Strength and 4 different defenses). I re-balanced the numbers until I got a 50% win for the body builds.

The test for Super Strength looked like this:

The first block is the BodyTypes (Super Strength) + one of each of the four defenses. The second block is each of the defenses combined with Just Plain Strength. The brown 51.07% at the bottom is the average wins of the BodyType list in the all-vs-all combat.

As you can see:
  1. In these battles the FULL DP builds actually do the best. This is specific to the nature of these battles (Impact Damage).
  2. Both strategies (Body Type or JPS) are "about equal" in terms of a game-plan.
  3. Going heavy-armor in this environment (the 42 and 30% POV's) is not the best bet.
All told, if the implications of this are what I think they are then this is very good. It means that (a) if a PC plans to build a character with a heavy investment in 'Strength Type Stuff' their options are varied and they're both good (either go with the Body Types or go with the Just Plain Strength if you want to maximize in some specific way) and (b) putting all your points in Armor is not generally the best bet in this environment.

In other words, unless I've missed something, this is everything I could hope for.


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