Friday, October 8, 2010

Bug List

My plan is to take the numbers I've generated and see if they can predict the values for Quantum Blast (ignores armor) and then see if they'll do combinations of Ranged IMPACT damage combined with various resisted attacks (Flash Bang: Impact damage + blind/disorient effects).

If I can get close to the tested values mathematically? Brilliant. I suspect it'll be a week of testing though before I have the data to really know.

I also ran through a bug list. Some of them were:

  1. Reduce Armor. Some attacks might just reduce a certain amount of armor. This wasn't working.
  2. Area-Hits: We have some code in place to hit "everyone on the other side." This would be good for Explosive attacks (but wasn't active) and auto-fire attacks (wherein we can have the attacker shoot two people when facing two and see how that goes).
  3. Large Weapon Bonus. I'd thought this wasn't working--but it seems to be after further introspection.
  4. Beam Weapon. Beam Weapon can't quite be simulated by the current rules. It's a more complex fix. But we're working on it.
Knock-back beams, ranged grapples (TK, Tentacles), and Tangle attacks (thrown net) are still yet to be done. They're complex because they really change the dynamic of battle and need to be tweaked to take their place in the game (against a peer a tangle/knockback/etc. attack should, if successful, be likely to gum them up somewhat--but not make them helpless). On the other hand, things like Judo Holds need to also be balanced against things like the Mount (a Hold is better at neutralizing someone--so if you have 2:1 you want to Hold them. If you are 1:1 you want to mount and pound them).


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