Friday, October 22, 2010

Giant List of Attacks?

It's been a busy few days work wise and I'm flying out of state this weekend (and it's my son's first birthday!) so JAGS development has been light.

It's clear that mechanically combining modifiers (Long Action, Explosive) doesn't give a standard value for different kinds of attacks (Quantum Beam vs. Burn). It's also clear that there are going to be some permutations that I may not be able to fully test (Electricity at -2 to CON roll is on the table--but I haven't devoted much time to testing it).

So there's going to be some limitations on what I can realistically do and keep things "correct" (meaning tested in the simulator).

So the next set of tests have to determine if, for a given attack (i.e. standard Power Blast) I can determine stable values for things like 8 REA Long Action and  Explosive and figure out how they combine. If they do so in a predictable fashion then each attack will have its modifier list and the player can choose. If not, for some reason, then I'm looking at a space I can't realistically cover iteratively (I can't test every combination of common modifiers for all my choices of attacks--and couldn't put them in the book if I did).

So my option then is the giant list of attacks that covers most of what I think people "would want." The good news there is that while I can't speak for everyone, my experience with the game is such that I'm confident I could get a lot of what people would wish for.

The bad news is that I couldn't get everything.

So I need to devise some tests that'll show me how the modifiers interact.



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  2. I'm very--conflicted--here. I understand the problem you're having (almost no game that has a set of attacks and modifiers that fit together really has the various combinations cost out right, but I'm a little leery if it really being possible to really cover the ground well any other way. But perhaps I'm being pessimistic.

  3. 1. Yes--you can use the image of JWonderland. I'd like to know what you think of it (consider that the payment :). If you want to send me an autographed copy of the book I'd really like that too.

    2. I agree with you, Thomas--the problem is that if I can't get it "right" with a mix of modifiers then I have no really good options. I've spcecc'd out the giant list and will be putting it on google documents.

    I'll allow people here to post their emails to get invites to review it.