Friday, October 15, 2010


Despite having a lot of work for the past I've taken my first pass at using prediction to determine what the values should be for Quantum Beam (IMP damage, ignores all armor). The results were disappointing. I'll post the numbers later but the up-shot is that using standard Power Blast (Ranged IMP), Burn (Ranged IMP, hits on the second round for same damage +4 DM), and Electricity (Ranged IMP, -1 CON roll) as bench-marks did not correctly predict what the values for Q-Beam should be.

They were not far off but they were far enough that it would be wrong for purposes of the game (in fact, Q-Beam's damage values came out higher than the predicted values: something I didn't expect).

This means that just "using math" instead of testing won't work (well, it will, but I'd need to do considerably more complex math than just taking a standard modifier for '8 REA Long Action' and applying it to any attack.

That's okay: I can empirically test everything--and I plan to. It's also true that Q-Beam might be a heck of an out-lier (consider that against targets without any armor it is exactly like Power Blast--something that is emphatically not true for Burn and Electricity). I just don't know yet.

Testing continues.



  1. I am checking out JAGS and like what I see so far. The website, however, seems to have issues. The menu bar at the top appears to be broken. All links lead back to the index. I'd really like to check out the site a bit more, check out the faqs, web tools etc.

  2. The web-site is on the to-do list. I'll put up some links to the web-tools, however. I'll just need some time to revise it. When Archetypes is finished I'll be able to re-do the web site.

    I'll note that all the content management systems I've looked at have security issues that I don't want to deal with. For now the site will be flat HTML and I'm going to take some time to revise it when I can.

    Thanks for taking a look.