Friday, October 29, 2010

Turns out ..

So originally I did this post and wasn't sure how to set up the math. It turns out that that's because I was making a transcription mistake in my other spreadsheet (and there was one mistake on the table below).

If you multiply the factors together (from the purple to get the blue) you get pretty close to right.

Which I did know how to do--but my spread-sheet fu screwed up and I was like "none of this makes any sense."

Let's take a look:

This is a picture of JAGS Attacks. At the top is STANDARD (ROF of S, roughly 2 attacks per round, and it does standard Impact damage--which is what all of these do for now).

Under that are the "atomic" modifiers (i.e. they are not combined with anything else). Rate of Fire 1, 1 round of charge-up between use (so it can't be used first round), explosive, and 8 REA Long action.

The numbers are "how much IMP damage this does with a 16 AP investment", "What the Percent Chance of Victory" was rated at by the simulator (note that ~56% is the 'right' POV. It would've been 50 but I changed the herds and didn't want to re-do a lot of work. So if the middle column is around 56% then it's "good." They all are, so they're all good. Factor is 21 (the damage the 'standard attack did') divided by the damage the listed attack did.

So if I had an ROF 1 power beam and got a magical item that added "+2 Ranged Impact Damage" I would take +2 / .72 = 2.78 (rounds to 3) so if I added the +2 bonus to the 1 ROF attack it would add +3 instead of +2. 

So okay. Next, under the BLUE header are some combinations. You can see them all there. 

I'll Post The Outcome Numbers Later
I re-did my calculations and it looks like it might work pretty close to multiply one factor by another ... Go Math!


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